Członkowie OT 16

Wykaz członków 16 OT PZK wg stanu na 22.05.2024r.

 SO2O                        SP2AHM                      SP2AND                      SP2ASJ                     SP2AYQ
 SP2BAS                      SP2BIR                      SP2BMR                      SP2BOR                     SP2BRI
 SP2CQF                      SP2CYK                      SP2EBS                      SP2EKO                     SP2EMR
 SP2ERZ                      SP2GUB                      SP2GUV                      SP2HHX                     SP2HIC
 SP2HMY                      SP2HNL                      SP2HOU                      SP2HPD                     SP2IPK
 SP2IRR                      SP2JFY                      SP2JJ                       SP2JJD                     SP2JVN
 SP2LNW                      SP2LNX                      SP2LNY                      SP2MC                      SP2MDS
 SP2MEF                      SP2MG                       SP2MHC                      SP2NBA                     SP2NBC
 SP2NBF                      SP2NBV                      SP2OLE                      SP2OVO                     SP2PA
 SP2QBC                      SP2QCM                      SP2QCR                      SP2QCW                     SP2QVH
 SP2RIP                      SP2RIT                      SP2RPB                      SP2SCX                     SP2SGK
 SP2TG                       SP2TLG                      SP2WDQ                      SP2WDV                     SP2WGU
 SP2WN                       SP2XDQ                      SP2Y                        SP2YY                      SP4CIW
 SP4ELO                      SP4I                        SP4JEU                      SP4KWD                     SP4LIN
 SP4SAS                      SP4SKF                      SP9MLI                      SQ2AJN                     SQ2CDC
 SQ2DOL                      SQ2EEQ                      SQ2GCO                      SQ2HEG                     SQ2HEN
 SQ2MMS                      SQ2MTC                      SQ2MTK                      SQ2NUD                     SQ2PPM
 SQ4IOP                      SQ4KON                      SQ4MIK                      SQ4PAO    



poniżej 9.12.2017r

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